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3D chalk drawing

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edgar mueller’s at it again


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Cute visual, no idea what its for but looks great 🙂

Cartoon network rebrand

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new cartoon network rebrand

new cartoon network rebrand

Best Rebrand work i’ve seen in a long time, the animation is the tits and the concept is so pure it hurts. Some beautiful character design in here and a great example of how to take a branding concept and utilise it in multiple channels. Superb

Tyler Stout. Superb illustration work.

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Anyone going to Berlin?

Posted in Animation, Art, Culture, Design, illustration on October 31, 2008 by ian byrne

get your behinds to this exhibition, called RAKING LEAVES IN THE WIND. New exhibition opening October 29th at 7pm in Berlin at Create Berlin (Wallstrasse 16, 10179, Berlin).

The show is a collaboration between me and fellow artists and designer Julien Vallée and Brent Wadden. 
It will feature past and new work including drawings, paintings, installation and videos.
You are also invited to a drawing club which will take place on November 8th from 5pm to 10pm in the gallery. 

Stussy presents HouseofMeggs

Posted in Art, Cool, Design, illustration on October 23, 2008 by ian byrne

I am liking this A=lot. Superb superhero art, 3d installations, screenprints, paintings, and more…

Sweet portfolio

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Simon Bents Dj Perplex poster

Simon Bent has a great portfolio of design work. This graphic is from his CD artwork for Beat Broker & Dj Perplex.