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Superhero supply store

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How frickin cool…Not sure what the purpose of the store is beyond the obvious but I love the level of detail they have gone to on this. Check out the can of anti gravity paint….



Article of the week. “How to hallucinate at work”

Posted in Comic, Design, Funny, Funny shizzle on January 16, 2009 by ian byrne

Right gotta try me some of these… especially the rubber hand one.

Just need to remember where that bloody rubber corpse I had is so I can chop off its hand.

Check em out


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Here at Glue we are about to go live with Movie Boy, for The Sun.

17 hours left, til Movie Boy gets locked in a room, and will attempt to watch films solidly for a week. All on the web, with the ability of chat through

be sure to check in on him throughout the week.


Durex – Get it on – outtakes

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Durex Get It On- Outtake 3

also found here

Durex – Get it on

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Durex – Get it on

This is funny as feck…the best bit for me are the out-takes found here

For the Guitar Hero fans.

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St Paul’s Jelly style!

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