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Posted in Advertising, viral on February 17, 2009 by ian byrne

2012 trailer

Keep you’re eye on this one…Roland Emmerich new film

Looks like the viral is well underway for this new film. Taking on a lost stylee approach have come across The IHC (Institute for Human continuity) Very detailed site, looks smart enough but interested to see if and where the other viral work appears on the web.



some more reading here


tea ad

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dry moon?

dry moon?

Rip off or just a bit of fun

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Cadbury eyebrow ad

Inspiration or rip off? looks like those creatives have been finding inspiration on youtube again…..taking inspiration is one thing but this is just a little bit too easy !!!!


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Here at Glue we are about to go live with Movie Boy, for The Sun.

17 hours left, til Movie Boy gets locked in a room, and will attempt to watch films solidly for a week. All on the web, with the ability of chat through

be sure to check in on him throughout the week.


Durex – Get it on – outtakes

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Durex Get It On- Outtake 3

also found here

Durex – Get it on

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Durex – Get it on

This is funny as feck…the best bit for me are the out-takes found here